Blog tour- Radhika Acharya’s – The adventures of the JP Family!

It’s a great opportunity to be participating in the blog tour for Radhika promoting her comedy flick “ The Adventures of the J P family”. The book has grabbed eyeballs and bestseller positions on amazon, already!! So let me introduce y’all to the humorous quotient of this tickling story. Genre- fiction/ humor Language- English ThisContinue reading “Blog tour- Radhika Acharya’s – The adventures of the JP Family!”

End- your- cry-logy!! Web#Writephoto

Advertisement outside a male fertility clinic-(endocrinology) ( BEFORE )………………………….(AFTER) If you’ve lost your virility n vigor Don’t fear, when we’re here! We don’t cost a dime Till we restore your armor n Shine! We will protect your masculinity n manhood sense Thereby teeming your confidence! Come one come all n restore your sturdiness We meanContinue reading “End- your- cry-logy!! Web#Writephoto”