Open Mic by Chrysanthemum Chronicles

The first Virtual Open Mic, Chapter 1.0 powered by Chrysanthemum Chronicles happened today on the page ‘The One Hour Talk Show on Facebook!! It was a pleasure and honor to host the show. Please Go and like the page if you haven’t yet and watch the event recordings. You can watch the event here:- ThankyouContinue reading “Open Mic by Chrysanthemum Chronicles”

Winner at “Ballad of Verses” poetry event!

So glad to be winning third prize at the “Ballad of Verses” poetry event organized by Chrysanthemum Chronicles. You can watch the event here: – I received merchandise as winning prize!! And here’s the winning entry!! Title:- I was born to be loved ❤️ It flourishes in emotions, transcending physical proximitiesIt proliferates like light,Continue reading “Winner at “Ballad of Verses” poetry event!”

Dracula’s love letter- Winning poetry

Here’s the winning poetry:- Turn my blue heart red Who are you? My preying eyes have known this beguiling face since eternity But you’re not my charming wife, for she died in fire, by a bloody mob You’re someone else, born with the same scent at the nape of your neck The same serenading demeanor,Continue reading “Dracula’s love letter- Winning poetry”