Caution- Cave ahead!- entrance #Writephoto

PC – Sue Vincent For visually challenged writers, the image shows the a green and rocky landscape, with a path leading up to a dark-mouthed cave. Here’s my take on the prompt:- Come here in dismal dark Come inside my malicious cavity Come and commit a sin In this abysmal darkness. This enticing darkness Seeks vengeance,Continue reading “Caution- Cave ahead!- entrance #Writephoto”

Eureka! – Threshold # Writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows the view from within a cave on the sea shore, looking out onto a beach. There are the shadowy entrances of other caves across the bay and a waterfall tumbles down from the rocky cliffs. Here’s my story prompt:- I was in the cruise liner and a bigContinue reading “Eureka! – Threshold # Writephoto”

Caution: Cave ahead.

Caves and caverns might sound like a lunatic’s interest or geologists muse but not when its a national heritage tourist attraction. My adventure extravaganza began 60 feet underground in this cave which is a preserved site now.It was a dark dingy cavern with a crude path elevating and disappearing at sharp turns, abundant with limestoneContinue reading “Caution: Cave ahead.”