First Book Review – Ebook Carnival (Blossoms and Foliages by Daisy Bala) by Jyotsna Atre

Nature, in all her magnificence, envelopes us. If only we take the time to see and appreciate. Daisy Bala takes inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh… … Book Review – Ebook Carnival (Blossoms and Foliages by Daisy Bala)

Attraction- Eugi’s weekly prompt# Elegance

I saw her at a party. I was coming from behind when her soft giggles caught my attention. Her velvety tone and articulation were attractive. I wanted to stop to listen but didn’t want to look weird, hence moved on. I tried sticking to my herd and engage in the elaborate culinary delights but keptContinue reading “Attraction- Eugi’s weekly prompt# Elegance”

Come Rise this fall -Copper#Writephoto

Welcome to this week’s photo prompt.For visually challenged writers, the image shows a deserted path through the woods, carpeted with the fallen leaves of autumn. The host of the prompt is Sue Vincent! So here’s my take on the fall foliage!! Who needs flowers when curvaceous leaves of deciduous trees look so tempting? Autumn foliage isContinue reading “Come Rise this fall -Copper#Writephoto”

Beauty-The Eternal Gift

Beauty of nature lies in its miracles. Beauty of life lies in its uncertainty. Beauty of time lies in its transition. Beauty of a relation lies in its emotions. Beauty of success is that it is temporary. Beauty of a man lies in his steel. & the beauty of a woman lies in her endurance.Continue reading “Beauty-The Eternal Gift”