Title – You’re a conspiracy of the Cosmos!

You’re made of things, that makes the black hole

You’re dense and immortal, but with the pull of the cosmos

you’re ubiquitous like ether, you shimmer in the snow dust and fireflies

You’re not heavy on the shoulders like the sun heat

You’re guiding like the refulgent glow and the dappled light

You reproduce from your aura and build the atomic and the exponential

You bleed and resurrect, you magnimize divinity

You’re a reincarnation goddess, protector of races

You’re spirit indomitable, soulful and transcendental!

I gaze in your eyes, your quintessence sparkles

Your nub glows in redemptive resurgence

I stare astoundingly

Intimidated at your savage

Your luscious vanities,

you’ve given up on herds

you’re fiercely independent

An embodiment of energies

You’re sensational, a warrior

With instinctive wild spirits

You’re indulgent, you’re decadent

A woman extraordinaire!

Like the lightening subdued… you linger in my consciousness

I’m caught unaware in your reckoning forces

Your brazen magnolias have domesticated the mystic and mundane

Your black lustrous manes have bound a spell in the lame dark night

Stars like sugar on black marbles, embellish your skin

You’re a hunting seductress

With vixen temperaments

Your beady eyes have demanded the moon to shun its sheen

I’m agape in incredulity but a flame of concurrent energy vibrates within me

Your visage tames the vitality of the macrocosm

I believe to have a karmic connection with you from past life

A blessing has been unleashed, the universe has conspired!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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