A call from beyond!!

It must have been well past midnight 

The moon had creeped in its last orbit 

And grim darkness was germinating in a dense nub

My day had been shadowed by agonizing pain 

I was bereaving in loss 

Fathomed memories were surging intermittently 

The reminiscences of my mom 

Kept resurfacing…. I felt bereft.

Suddenly the mobile rang… cracking the melancholic silence 

I dimly stared at the blank black screen with humid eyes 

But my numbness didn’t allow me to contemplate 

I picked the call expecting a unsolicited condolence 

The voice at the other end called me. I froze…

Hyperventilating…I turned pale and white as a sheet

It was my mom’s voice. She was calm and serene.

My paralyzed heart uprose in astonishment 

Still frozen in denial, I called repeatedly “ mumma…mumma”

Pleading it to be her, I extended my arms 

As if groping in darkness for her support 

Bellowed, I started shrinking in tears of guilt and grief 

She called again,” I’m here my child.”

Her velvety voice felt like balm on my incurable wounds 

A tenacious lump in my parched throat 

Didn’t allow me to speak…

bitter, silent tears exited me continuously.

I didn’t bother to open my eyes and uncontrollably sobbed.

“ mumma…I’m sorry… please don’t leave me” I spoke in a whimpering voice… shaking in disbelief and pain

I wanted to hug her, desperately .

“ I’m within you, my child! you’re born from a secret wish I made to a star. You’re my light, as I see you from earth’s astral planes”

“ my letter to you will reach via the universe that will conspire in your favor. Don’t delve in tumultuous shadows and brood.”

Mumma’s rendition upheld a divine serenity while I mewled 

I was listlessly listening…. Too scared to interrupt or move

She continued….”do not stop walking …your children are following you like the shadow keeps chasing the light. So, the light never stops shining! You are my star dear”

“And remember… I love you… my guide is waiting for me on the gates…. My final goodbye to you is here”

Her message was followed by a 

Few more seconds of static and the call ended.

“ mumma… mumma…. “I bellowed but there wasn’t any response.

I looked around feebly… almost like meditating and uprose in vigor 

a shine sparkled in my flickering quintessence 

My soul wasn’t brooding anymore. 

I wasn’t bleeding in emotions anymore 

I was beaming 

With a reason to not quit… a reason to live guiltlessly 

I preserved her message like a talisman… it was going to be my charter for life 

Dissonant chords of shrillness and incoherence shrunk substantially 

I got my tourniquet 

I believed it was her way of saying…There’s more 

I didn’t loose my mom… I found my guardian angel!

The call from beyond that night healed me. I lulled to sleep peacefully, thereafter!!

( I wrote this piece for a prompt, thinking about my mum, whom I lost in April due to Covid. I seeked solace in thinking about this call that I might receive from her, from transcendental realms.)

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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