Image courtesy- Soulcraft poetry workshop

This green balm is serenading, spreading on my forehead beneath the yon sanguine sky. It’s becoming my top of the mind recall…diluting my berserk mind. They say nature stirs a clarity inside you….I say at least it’s engrossing. Each breath has become observant, reminiscent of the vista… thawing the emotions…outlining the blur. I breath a sizable amount… it’s full of lichen and moss. I select the filters in the frame, and match them with my dominant hormones. The repetitive verdure and the crests of mountain tops, fade as I look away… I’m doubting…they’re scheming a plan. The trails along the hills were earlier feeling like burgeoning neurons… are now relaxing. Another fresh gulp of breath… this time it’s pine and willows. It lingers in my tastebuds. A trail of unrecognized thoughts was almost approaching me but my mobile rang. I muted it without any attention. The panorama is captivating me temporarily.

Majestic spreading

Cascading mystical hills 

Senses resurrect

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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