Spring Escapades – Nature Poem

The eastern influx of sunshine

Spreads its vivacity and awakens the dozing directions all around

Spreading like ether

From the tree crowns, the sunshine basks inwards refined through the canopy of fresh leaves

The woodlands breathe the shining nectar

And the golden ambrosia bathes the whole savanna rejuvenated

The sunfed bluebells and ramsons carpet the landscape as spring winks at the seasonal sky

Thick spring lavishly brews the greenery and bluebells spread like lavender hues

Where new buds complacently bloom, and the oldies die down only to be reborn again!

The perfect postcard picture is painted underneath the golden blue!

Tiny white protrusion Mushroom Pins pushing out from the casing

Button mushroom caps spinning out vigorously,

Springing buds.

A baby pinecone splutters to life.

And as the icy deluge melts with the seasonal hibernation,

Green lavish spread coats the savannas.

Nature’s bounty at its blooming best!
Sweet scented hyacinths, daffodils n yellow tulips breezing heralding the spring

Petals unfold as stigmas unwrap straitening their wrinkled backs,

Leaves stutter and seethe basking in the golden sunshine.

Birds squander and flap, screeching cacophonous symphony.

Strawberries fluff n ripens with overflowing nectary juices.

Flamboyant scarlet’s n crimson reds with exfoliated skin.

Meanwhile, Ants and bees march on peony flowers and vines.

Raspberry flowers attract flighted pollinators in the hindsight

Caterpillar chrysalis sneaking and melting.

Butterflies first leap of faith for the blue unknown quest.

Slugs and snails retract into dense humid shells as the day preps,

Aphids wander on curvy branches and ivy!

A giant dew drops cascading through the whistling woods

Slushing the aphids, wetting banality too.

Daisy’s mushroom in green patches, velvety moss growing along

white n yellow wee flowers carpet effortlessly,

as lily fragrances diffuse n linger along the stretch.

It is the nature’s symphony untamed and unscathed.

As the dawn toots softly over the whimpering whispering spring fed landscape; Snow retreats.



Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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