The owls and vampires have a story To say

Halloween moon whimpers!

The nights suspended smog

Peeps through The dozing mirthless trees

A smog that’s viscose, heaving and panting

One that gropes in the dark elusiveness.

The Yonder looks penetrating and pensive

Katydids and crickets chirp in choruses

warning off predators

In the lone shadows of night jungle

Barred owls hoot in raucous duets

Setting the aural mood of the sinister night

His caws and cackles break the eerie silence

But after a moment, the quietude returns

The whispers tread on

Broken intermittently by palpitations of fretful agonizing whimpers

An entranced shadow holding subtle alchemy intrudes the darkness

It’s a rapacious blood sucking creep

Who Hovers in the emptiness seeking a seize

His Sharp canines, uprise in deathly hallows. In the yellow Halloween moon

While The wilderness dozes in gory dreams

Turning shuffling in discomfort

The vampires and owls slowly hibernate

After binge gnawing the creepy silences

Then a tinge of darkness

Winds it’s paraphernalia

A faint morning ray enters In trepidation

The owls and vampires will meander tonight too

Waiting to pounce and devour on unsuspecting prey!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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