Book review “ The Story of Story” by Ravish Mani – #Blogchatterebook

Ravish Mani is a noted writer in the blogosphere and an excellent story consultant. So when he talks about the story of a story, I’m all ears, to hear it from the horses mouth.

And Ravish does it with aplomb once again as he talks about the building blocks of impactful story telling and traces its primitive roots. The book is an excellent guide, when it comes to writing stories in fiction and creating a basic story template.

These are intensely satisfying 47 pages of pure storytelling extracts and tricks of the trade articulated in simplest words that will leave you nourished as a storywriter or an aspiring author!!

  • Book Name: – The Story of Story
  • Author: – Ravish Mani
  • Reviewed By: – Daisy Bala
  • Publisher: – Blogchatter
  • Stories and format (Paperback or eBook):- ebook
  • Language: – English
  • Genre: – How to
  • Rating: – 5/5

Ravish Mani is a life adviser and story consultant. He’s known in the blogosphere for
his spiritual approach, analytical abilities, multidimensional perspectives, and helping
nature. He is an introvert but always ready for meaningful interaction. He lives a simple life & is fascinated by the human mind. He believes you don’t read a book, you read a
mind. He loves reading books, and through books, the mind of their authors.
To know more about him, get in touch with him.
Twitter: @ravishmani
Instagram: booksasisee

The story of a story doesn’t fail to surprise you with its raw power and polished storytelling wits and fancies. It talks about the substance of stories, the basic template, the objects of desire that propels the story forward, the emergence of conflicts and the rise of the protagonist. The points like arousal of emotions, external internal desires, belief formation, drawing a climax, understanding of why’s and interpretation of events has been given its due in the book. I loved the discussion surrounding “Show don’t tell” because it beautifully explained the differences between activating only the language processing and decoding the story while experiencing it. It let me witness the story through the reader’s eyes, like a visual treat, sensitizing my brain networks.

The story of a story also has a story in its making. The book was supposed to cover every aspect of storytelling and the final draft was ready. However, nature played a spoiler and lightning struck Ravish’s laptop two days prior to submission of his eBook. Hence instead of covering each minute detail, Ravish has tried to cover the broader guidelines in this framework. He opted to being a fighter and gamechanger instead of a quitter and served us a delicious ingenious story platter within limited time and resources.

My favorite lines in the book are:-

Every story is a story of desire. With desire, two kinds of forces appear: the one that wants the desire to be fulfilled and the other that opposes the fulfillment of the desire. The description of conflicts between these two forces gives you a story.

Difference between a writer & an author is about avoiding clichés. Knowledge of and insight into the world of your story is fundamental to the achievement of originality and excellence.
Cliché is at the root of reader’s dissatisfaction. Clichés are because the writer does not know the world of his story. And this is the basic difference between a writer & an author.
The author has authority. He knows the ins & outs of his world. He is the God of his created
world. No bird can flutter its wings in his world without his knowledge.

Download the book for free here:-

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Happy reading!

Note: This review is part of the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival challenge. #BlogchatterEbookCarnival #Blogchatter #BookReview


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