Dracula’s love letter- Winning poetry

Here’s the winning poetry:-

Turn my blue heart red

Who are you?

My preying eyes have known this beguiling face since eternity

But you’re not my charming wife, for she died in fire, by a bloody mob

You’re someone else, born with the same scent at the nape of your neck

The same serenading demeanor, with the same enigmatic sexuality

My eternal love for my bride, has brought you as reincarnated Martha

Ever since I’ve felt your voluptuous presence , your pulse reverberating in me

I’m breathless, soaking in innate desires of consolidation

Since eternity, I have been the perfect vessel for the fears and desires of an era gone by

An evil intruder who personified everything threatening and powerful

I’ve gained immortality by getting a deal with the devil

But I’m now shrinking, weak and gentle, diluted in evilness and spirits

I’m lost in despairing nights of aloofness and fretful agonizing desires

Your presence around me has awakened a lustful affliction

That keeps throbbing my heart with the cutting edge

I’m lovelorn seeking the reincarnated soul of my lost love in your entranced body

I want to make you my flesh and my blood

And throb with your bleed in unison

My predatory sexuality has been aroused by your sensuous aura

I’m forced to be attracted, captivated by your Sanctity

Your luscious locks, your scarlet buds swoon me like subtle alchemy

Like necromancy I’m getting pulled into the invisible abyss of desperation

My Dracula blood is palpitating, thirsty for the belonging

I’m Dracula, the rapacious, the destructive blood sucking creep

Without a single speck of color in life

But now your love, your ivory presence has ignited a flame in my dreary darb nights

Making me seek light, seek love

Please Grant me redemption by being my Martha

Can’t you see, it’s not passing flirtation or infatuation, nor eroticism

It’s infringing upon my survival, my lone stark identity

My evil allure is palpitating and now my heart rips in anticipation

Sharp like my canines, my gory spirits uprise in your want

My deathly hallows are calling

Hold me captivated, consecrate my soul, hold my becoming

You’re born to be mine, I’ve been craving for your possession

You might be Mina for the world, but you’re my transmigrated Martha

Shower your Pious intimacy on my lonesome, dark, arid quintessence

and let my blue heart bleed red with life !!

Longing for you badly!

Yours Dracula !!

(I wrote this poem as a part of a competition with the following prompt. I was the second prize winner)

Title: Dracula’s Letters of Love

#literaryprompt #chrysanthemumchronicles

When Dracula fell in love with Mina, who reminded him of his beloved dead wife, he came to England where she effortlessly got attracted towards his charm. And so were we, theirs love story was nothing less than magic. Come let’s recreate this magic, charm, allurement and seductive love tale of extreme passion, burning for each other once again through poetry. You have to write a poem in a letter form expressing Dracula’s love and longing towards Mina. Weave your poetry in a gothic era, and show the despair, longing and Dracula’s intense love for Mina through the letter. You can make your poem styled in archaic language or in a free verse but the backdrop has to be either gothic or utopian.

Some simple rules for you to follow:

1. Write a poem not more than 50 lines

2. Only one entry per household

3. Post your poem in the comment section below

4. You can use synonymic or symbolic words of love, longing, sensuality but no erotica please.

5. Submit your poem till 20th December 2020 till midnight for it to be considered as a participating entry.

The three winners will be selected and their names will be announced in the group on 23rd of Dec 2020.

The first winner will receive E-Certificate and Cc merchandise as a prize. The second and third winner will receive E-Certificates both.

P.S. Top five entries will be published in the first digital issue of ‘Chrysanthemum Chronicles’.

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