Blog tour Suhasini’s – “Shrav’s lockdown adventures”

It’s a great opportunity to be participating in the blog tour for Suhasini promoting her storybook “ Shrav’s lockdown adventures”.

The book has premiered through the Blogchatter ebook carnival this year and it encapsulates the lockdown adventures of a small kid and his interpretation of this new makeshift period.

So let me introduce y’all to the plot of the story.

Genre- fiction and nonfiction– story

Language- English 

What happens when a lockdown is superimposed on the world? Can a kid escape the repercussions or his inquisitive mind races to weave stories around his escapades? “Shrav’s lockdown adventures” is a part real, part fictional story of a small boy as he experiences lockdown and it’s vagaries. Shrav the main protagonist is Suhasini’s cheeky creative boy, whose agile mind has winded these stories from his ever expanding imagination. Suhasini has penned his adventures into this short story Book resonating with a kids imagination!

In the fiction part Shrav spots an UFO or a black hole and sometimes catches his laptop talking in the darkness. These stories also explain science concepts behind certain happenings thus imparting knowledge in a fun way and promoting learning.

Overall, a happy fun read where kids imagination takes a leap in the lockdown, citing adventures!!

Do read it today!

My favorite lines from the book, are from the chapter,” Shrav and UFO” :-

“He could find out a small lid, which he opened and then peered into the telescope once again. Now Shrav can see the sky with lots of stars. He started turning the telescope and exploring the sky. He started zooming in, zooming out, and feeling the stars coming near to him and going away. Shrav started enjoying this game and he lost track of the time. Shrav suddenly started to see a flying object coming from the sky. It is flying at an extremely high speed towards him. He started tracking the path of that flying object and it vanished within no time. So, he came back to watching the moon, and then he observed one more flying object. He got scared as to what are all these flying objects. He knows that they are not airplanes. So, he started yelling for his mommy at the pitch of his voice and started running down”.

Interesting, isn’t!!

About the author:- 

Suhasini has teamed up with her son (Shravanth) to capture the amazing journey of Shravanth through his childhood. Most of the stories on Shravmusings blog are the real happenings in their lives. Son gives the major point or two of the main storylines, and the mom weaves them into a tale.When not writing , you can see Shravanth busy with his new dance moves or practicing his gymnastics or playing cricket. Mom would be busy reading books or her other blogger friends works.

You can find them here at :
Twitter: Shravmusings

Instagram: Shravmusings

Facebook Page: Shravmusings

Email id:

Shravmusings is their pen name and the duo blogs at:

Download the book here:-

Awesome! It’s time to get going! It was a pleasure to participate in the blog tour Suhasini. My best wishes to you!

Thank you for reading everyone !

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