Runner up in poetry competition@Kalamanthan

So glad to be a runner up in KalaManthan’s Second Poetry Prompt for English Poetry Writing.

The prompt was “Falling leaves and Bare branches”

And here’s the winning poem:-

Title- Let’s rise this fall

When the charms of summer sunshine and golden pleasantries begin to retreat

And evocative winds pick pace, breaking a silence discreet

A brandishing chill bereft of moisture, invades the seasonal vagaries

Blooms and verdant canopies sublime into ardent memories

Falling leaves and bare branches conjure up a fall fiesta

Plush hybrid colors, opulent shades mystified in a siesta

Deciduous shedding exorbitantly, ushering magic In gallops

Orange, magenta, browns chiming together in crunchy dollops

Golden russet strikes in fervor and aplomb

It’s the bountiful fall and I can’t keep my calm!!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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