Blog tour- Vidhi Duggal’s- Where rainbow meets the Sky!

It’s a great opportunity to be participating in the blog tour for Vidhi promoting her fictional love saga “ Where rainbow meets the sky”.

The book has premiered through the Blogchatter ebook carnival this year and received elaborate love and attention.

So let me introduce y’all to the plot of the story and main characters.

Genre- fiction – love story

Language- English

It’s a not so normal love story. Yeah!! Love at first sight, promises upheld and then a longing and desperation to find it back. This love saga traverses through each emotion with panache. You travel a twin decade with Rahul and Mehak where love strikes then equivocates, absconding in despair and then meets back like a rainbow in the sky, jubilant with life and hope. An interesting take to indulge in!!

Strikingly, it doesn’t have a normal ending where lovers meet and finally unite together in vows of marriage and courtship.Yet the astounding end leaves you exultant and hopeful. Life and love pervades in the end, which leaves you lingering with a smile. A dream catcher that symbolizes eternal love and encapsulates the memories of that first magical meet in the story , surely justifies being on the cover of this love despair saga.

A love story engrossed with a circle of ripening friendships, that carry the story ahead on their powerful shoulders. The preface is evocative and elusive. In author’s own words “ Rahul, a handsome, charming rich guy, can make any girl fall for him. Rahul meets Mehak in the scenic beauty of Old Manali. No girl except for Mehak touches his heart. Mehak, who had openly declared Rahul as her first crush, suddenly disappears only to meet him after twenty years. Rahul and Mehak are both singles till now. Mehak still has the dream catcher given to her by Rahul twenty years ago. Will Rahul and Mehak unite with each other? Will Rahul’s love story meet a happy ending?”

Overall, a delightful read where love and the hopefulness of love serenades all despair and leaves the protagonist with the rainbow of light and life. It gives him a head start to start afresh.

Do read it today and catch up on your love quotient!

My favorite lines from the book, are from the chapter, The girl in the blue jacket :-

“Rahul could hardly sleep that night. The next day, they went to the Old Manali market, hoping to find that girl again. After wandering for some time, they spotted the girl at one of the shops selling quirky hand made things. The girl was arguing with the shopkeeper over the price of a dream catcher. Her hair was open with the braid kissing her cheek. Her brown eyes again widened to see Rahul. She stopped her conversation with the shopkeeper when she found Rahul and Arjun walking towards her. “Hey! Poster boy!” She called out Rahul.”

Intriguing and mushy , isn’t!!

About the author:-

Vidhi Duggal is an author, blogger and freelance writer. She is a professionally qualified teacher and a trained makeup artist and hairstylist. She has done her graduation in English Honors and holds a degree in Bachelor of Education. She has done professional courses in Advance Makeup and hairstyling from well-known institutions like Pivot Point India, Alps Academy and L’Oreal. She has worked for more than a decade in the makeup industry. She has the experience of teaching children in some of the best schools in Delhi. She writes blogs and stories at her blog site Blogging and writing are her passion, which helps her explore herself and expand her creativity. She started her journey as a published author with her first story, A Distant Dream, which is part of a bilingual anthology on Children’s Fiction called Gubbare. She has published her book “In the Maze of Life” which is a bilingual collection of short stories.

You can reach her at:-Twitter: @DuggalVidhi Instagram: @VidhiDuggal Facebook: @VidhiDuggal

She blogs at –

Download the book here:-

Awesome! It’s time to get going! It was a pleasure to participate in the blog tour Vidhi My best wishes on this winning feat!

Thank you for reading everyone ! I will be back soon with another exciting book, venturing on its blog tour!!

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