Blog tour- Radhika Acharya’s – The adventures of the JP Family!

It’s a great opportunity to be participating in the blog tour for Radhika promoting her comedy flick “ The Adventures of the J P family”.

The book has grabbed eyeballs and bestseller positions on amazon, already!!

Trending at #3 in the short story category!

So let me introduce y’all to the humorous quotient of this tickling story.

Genre- fiction/ humor

Language- English

This lighthearted humor induced fictional story is a collection of episodes about the chronicles of a typical middle class Indian family! JP uncle is a typical husband and father stuck in the mediocrities and vagaries of life. Though he likes to believe himself as the head of the family, he’s a pseudo head and the real power of attorney lies with the aunt.

Blaring and formidable, this mother of two, is a show-stealer with power packed punches and repartee! JP uncle is usually a victim of his own circumstances in the most hilarious ways and the two kids Raju- Raghu are the cutest tidbits ever!

Overall, a giggle packed rib tickling comedy read that will breeze up your banal mood and frenzy up a laughter!

Do read it today to lavish a smile up your sleeve and catch up on your humor quotient!

My favorite lines from the book, are from the chapter, Insomnia :-

“Okay then try doing something monotonous. Sure to send you off to sleep.” “I am doing. It’s called Solitaire!” The Uncle sighed and went off to sleep. The next day he expected to find The Aunt groggy-eyed and irritable. But she was actually quite cheerful. The Uncle gave her a surprised look. “What happened?” he asked. “Did you find the elusive sleep after all?” “Better than that” came the reply. “I found a late-night WhatsApp group – The Sleep deprived Insomaniacs! It was good fun.” The Uncle gaped at her. “Good fun….?” “Yes. Apparently the group is in action only at night.” said The Aunt. “We exchanged jokes and memes, all night long, on Insomnia and all.” The Aunt looked at The Uncle and told him “It was such good fun. You should join too!”

Funny, isn’t!! Im sure you’re chuckling and will break into a chortle soon! Read the whole book to split into silly guffaws ….

About the author:-

Radhika Sharma Acharya was born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh; brought up in Panaji, Goa; married in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is at present living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has been writing since her college days and has won a couple of prizes in Inter-Collegiate writing contests. She has also written short humorous articles for the Navhind Times in Goa and for Khaleej Times, Dubai. She is a Blogger with The Times Of India. She has a Humor Blog which she updates regularly with posts that highlight her ability to see wit and humour in the ordinary people and everyday happenings around her.

You can reach her at:-

She blogs at –

She interacts with the rest of the world through the following sites – Twitter handle – @radhii123 Instagram – acharya_rads Facebook –

Download the book here:-

Awesome! It’s time to get going! It was a pleasure to participate in the blog tour Radhika.My best wishes on this winning feat!

Thank you for reading everyone ! I will be back soon with another exciting book, venturing on its blog tour!!

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