Free download “ blossoms and foliages”

Catch my ebook under the promotional umbrella and download your free copy today!!Here’s a sneak peek with a poetry for y’all to relish!!

Pearls of wisdom!!

Pearls entwined on silvery oaks

Encasing Golden shadows

Bask under the yon rich sky

It’s a giving tree that speaks

A SpeakingTree that gives

Unlimited prudence on vagaries of life

Wisdoms, charms and savory delights

The tree that speaks of stories of valor

Friendships and fables in verses and prose

It quirks and quips

In satire to expose

Or ridicule, travelers either stupid or vice

The wise tree’s crown tiara

Glows with momentous pearls

Of the stories untold or the sagas behold

Of the wisdom shadows bestowed on

Dreamers, opportunists, inventors and fortune seekers alike

Who rested a while underneath,

The tall primeval

Silvery cheerfully shaggy

Speaking tree that gives

A giving tree that speaks!!

Download link- (USA) ( India)

Happy reading!!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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