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I’m attempting to write reviews of 2 different books from 2 different genres here. I was enthralled to read each of them and pen down my exuberant thoughts immediately. So here it goes:-

Marvellous Rhymes for children about the wild- Book review- Genre- poetry

Well what is better than a rhyming book about wild animals? A rhyming book with vivid pictures and stories in tune, that showcases rare wildlife that you’ve never seen or heard about!! Well, that precisely describes Jyotsna’s book”Marvellous rhymes for children about the wild”.This book is a knowledge house, about wild animals some common n others rare that will amaze kids n grownups alike. Facts have been mentioned in fun loving verses and rhymes, with easy flowing poetry. Words and vocabulary are child friendly that will encourage kids to read more and grasp more.

Colorful images, vivid descriptions attract attention and unique story telling keeps the child glued till the end! It’s a clever strategy to retain the focus especially with kids. The unseen wild creatures have well been described and brought to limelight that will intrigue and astonish the inquisitive brains. As Jyotsna mentions in her book, the book has been formatted with the primitive idea to cut short the screen time and satiate the endless curiosity about the natural world, which is a purpose well served in this collection.

I handed the ebook to my 8 year old kid and this is what he had to say:-

I read the book” Marvellous rhymes for children about the wild”. It was a very interesting book and I learned a lot of cool facts about animals. The book is by Jyotsna Atre and I think she did a great job!!”

A must have on kids shelf, it’s a great rhyming book capsuled with marvelous facts about the wildlife and its habitat. It will enrich the child’s knowledge base about the subject and encourage him/her to read more and reflect it upon their conversations. A well read kid is an informed kid and hence a smarter one!!

I will surely endorse it for all the growing up minds and untamed spirits. It’s surely catching their fancy and frequency of short attention spans. This book equals watching a documentary about the wildlife with equal fervor and enchantment.

You can download the book here:-

Just US things- Book Review- Genre- Culture and philosophy

While being in USA for the last 6 years, how could I have given this one a miss. I was eager to read a fellow indian’s chronicles in the first year of being in US. With this book, Sushmita has brought a very important viewpoint to the forefront! What happens when you shift countries and try to localize in the crowd. Do you adjust well, are you able to internalize the cultural shift or you become bipolar; thinking like Indian and behaving like American.

It’s true that while you earn the greenbacks, your attitude and lifestyle get a sumptuous dose of America over the Indian nutshell. An identity crisis that manifests into spirited thinking, till you become the perfect brimming cocktail!!Maybe that’s why, In her maiden book,” just US things”, Sushmita tags herself as “a lost Indian immigrant”.

Sushmita brings forth her woes and counts her blessings while measuring the pros and cons of shifting to US for good, as a millennial girl. She reverberates her writings with facts, figures and subjective thoughtfulness as an immigrant in a foreign land rekindling Indian sentiments with a crisp US topping.

Being a seasoned one in the category,the writings appealed to me and brought back fond memories of my trials and tribulations when I landed here as a guniea pig. later on the fervor subsidizes and you accept the new frenzy as a routine and mundane thing.

The book speaks about a plethora of characteristics that US holds which differ so significantly from India. Topics like Indian supermarkets,emergency services will giggle you, chapters like “ stereotypes”might bring a haughty laughter and some like “ KFC, McDonalds” might flabbergast you in awe and amazement. Sushmita quotes a fun fact at the end of most of the chapters which are crisp n laugh riot meant to entertain!!She has kept the content open ended and inviting.

“ just US things” is all about an experience when you move around and meet people, when you’re grey matter knocks to awaken you up because there’s so much to grasp and reflect-Changing demographies,culture and races of people,food,languages..their experimented looks and warm smiles. You get to discover so much and loose and then rediscover yourself within the sojourn.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, I learned a lot of nitty gritties of the land, and embarked on this journey of rekindling my Indian spirits, in this foreign land.In this global exchange world of minds matter and money..when we shift gears and travel to far away places, this comparative analysis proves to be a lifestyle guide and hand holding manual that will come handy to many, who are sailing in the same boat.kudos to this memoir effort!!

You can download the book here:-

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