Book review “ Trapped in heaven & other stories” by Mayura Amarkant – #Blogchatterebook

In Mayura’s debut attempt, she has excelled at portraying love, emotions, relationships in myriad shades, that are delicately woven around the gripping characters and situations. These intensely addictive and articulative love stories are a sinful indulgence that will leave you asking for more!!

  • Book Name: – Trapped in heaven & other stories
  • Author: – Mayura Amarkant
  • Reviewed By: – Daisy Bala
  • Publisher: – Blogchatter
  • Stories and format (Paperback or eBook):- 9 short stories; ebook
  • Language: – English
  • Genre: – Romance fiction
  • Rating: – 5/5

Their are stories of young resplendent hearts, lustfully exploring boundaries to true love sagas that will be chicken soup for the lover’s soul to shining sheroes, who aced life despite vulnerabilities and victimization. If you’re expecting sizzling steamy scenes in this Romance novel, you’re going to get a bite of it!!

The visual on the cover has an invigorating look but wait till you read the core. There’s love, lust, drama, entwined feelings, sex and a happily ever after. 9 juggling stories, lively characters, and always an ever gripping protagonist in each one of them…….overall crisp exteriors and a moist core…. this book has it all!!
The writing is pretty kinky and descriptive. The author gives vivid images of “love making” and “ love in making” that might leave you excited with throbbing emotions and heat. Though much is left to the imagination, the high heat romance plays in the front with a barrage of scenes.

The continuous interplay of flashback and the present day, bought an interesting clutching angle to the story telling, lifting the screenplay exponentially. The Hindi songs added a dash of spice to the narrative, making it lucid, in the moment.

The suspense of” what happens in the end”, in each of the stories keeps you on the verge, every time and adds to the overall fervor.

Already crossed a whooping 1000 downloads,
Read ” Trapped in heaven & other stories “by Mayura Amarkant and watch that love affair grow, that libido rise to the climax, the erotic love sagas end fruitfully and sometimes in vain. A must read for that die hard romantic in you and a must read for that banal geek who’s planning to be a “wannabe romantic”!!

Download the book here:-

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