Book Review: “You are Blooming”by Swarnali Nath |#Amazon kindle

Introduction and Information about the book

I’m a huge lover of blooms and also motivational reading, so how could I give this one a miss!! Swarnali has put together an intoxicating concoction of happiness, wisdom and life in this captivating Read. It’s replenishing and divinely!!

  • Book Name: – You are Blooming
  • Author: – Swarnali Nath
  • Reviewed By: – Daisy Bala
  • Publisher: – Amazon Kindle
  • format (Paperback or eBook):- ebook
  • Language: – English
  • Genre: – Motivational read
  • Rating: – 4.5/5

Swarnali Nath takes inspiration from the following opening lines in her motivating book:-

Seeker, this is for you. These letters, these words, all belong to you. I feel we all are connected. Trust me, yes, we are. In some way or the other. The Universe is writing your story, perhaps, it’s writing our stories together. This is how I started the journey of writing letters to you. For I know, you are seeking the
light too. You are seeking hope, you are seeking peace. You are seeking love, faith and courage. You are seeking the healing touch of empathy and kindness. Today I am here to remind you that amidst all the despair and darkness, deep down, you are blooming with hope, beauty and grace.

This talented wordsmith is an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer, who wants to spread the light through her words.
She writes on two blogs. One is the Mindfulness and Motivational blog The Vaidik Journal where she writes on positivity, spirituality, and everything that brings inspiration. Another is her personal blog named The Saffron Journal where she writes on everything beautiful around.
She also pens her thoughts for several online platforms. She is a part of an anthology named The Woman That I Am as one of the contributing authors. Her poems and quotes have been featured several times in Instagram poetry communities and quotes communities. She was nominated as Author of the year 2019 by StoryMirror where she is designated as Literary Colonel. She was one of the winners of the month long writing challenge Non Stop November.
She loves to call herself a girl who writes.

Her social handles are:-

Instagram: @scars_and_glory

Twitter: @scarsandglory

You can follow her works on her blogs:

The Vaidik Journal

The Saffron Journal


The book is a calling!! A mirror to your innate thoughts, it awakens your dormant invasive powers of healing and strength. It addresses the reader as a seeker, who is traversing through crests and troughs of life in anonymity. As a compass rose, these 21 letters to self, will guide you towards the lighted path and to be your own torchbearer!!


The cover and the title of the book are enthralling and lively. The reader will be intrigued by it for a quick pick up and blurb check.Swarnali’s blooming statements nourish you, plotting your journey in the bigger picture. It reinstates the magnificence of life and our light within, that needs rekindling whenever self doubt strikes!!

The book applauds life and its beauty. It says, celebrate your life for you’re inundated with the power of blessings and sunshine. The Universe works in secretive ways to lead you towards the light of hope, beauty and grace. The darkness and despair might be pervasive but a scintillating tiny ray of light is always there to guide you! You’re a seeker and you will absorb all the goodness in the cosmos that it’s conspiring in your favor.

Swarnali shares her personal stories of magic and upheaval when she applied her energies in oneness with the creator and experienced ecstasy.

The writing style is intriguing and engaging which hooks the reader deep into the core of the letters. My favorite lines are: –

It’s only the star and you.
It’s the sky, the sea,
The mountain, the dew.
It ages, it expands.
It grows, it blooms.
Like the spring, every moment, The old leaves,
To make a place for the new.
And you find, you are blooming. Every day, every moment,
You are shedding the older self of you, Leaving all the darkness behind You are becoming the new.

Seeker, you are born of stardust, you are born of love and light. You are the daughter of a star and the Universe is your home. How can you forget your strength, your courage? Even stars get broken sometimes, but they always try to collect the pieces, and then, they shine in unison. This time, they shine brighter. For now, they know their inner power. The true power that was hiding inside.
You are born from a wish. It was a sacred prayer when your mother made a secret wish to the Universe. She wished for the star she is praying, to come to her womb and bloom. The wish was so pure, so powerful that the Universe granted it. So the star sent a part of her to your mother, and then, she gave birth to a beautiful angel. Just like the star she had wished for. Just like the star she made that wish, days after days. The star is your mother. And you are her light.


The book is like a therapy of happiness and strength, dreams and stardust that provocates you to self evaluate and administer. It commemorates The joyous universe working with your ignited soul in synergy to empower you with hope, grace and beauty. The magic of self discovery reverbates throughout the letters and you bloom inadvertently with each passing page, smiling consistently.

overall, it is a winner! I was enlightened after the read and wanted to stay hydrated in that moment of ecstasy and self realization!

A tryst with goodness, this one leaves you inspired and amazed. The magic of prayers, hope, strength and wisdom kindles the light within you. It’s a tonic for the ignited mind and the inquisitive soul.

Here’s the download link for the book – You are blooming-

Happy reading!!


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: “You are Blooming”by Swarnali Nath |#Amazon kindle

  1. Your review is a stunner, just as the book is fantastic! So true, ‘The book applauds life and its beauty. ‘
    You have brought out the essence of the book so well. I have read the book and agree with each word you have penned here.

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