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Introduction and Information about the book

Just when I thought, I knew a thing or two about poetry, I read Dots and Streaks. I was awestruck and hooked!!This book is second to none. The first words that sail through my mind are: – “Exquisite”,” Bravo”,” Too divine”!


  • Book Name: – Dots & Streaks
  • Author: – Ellora Mishra
  • Reviewed By: – Daisy Bala
  • Publisher: – Blogchatter
  • Pages and format (Paperback or eBook):- 104 ;ebook
  • Language: – English
  • Genre: – Poetry
  • Rating: – 4.5/5


About the Author

Ellora Mishra takes inspiration from the following opening lines in her poetry book:-

Word me Into verses

Or capture me In images endear

In randomness I thrive

And collages I smear

A few dots there

A few streaks here

This talented wordsmith hails from Odisha, India. A Chemical Engineer from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan & MBA from XIMB, Bhubaneswar who decided to put her 12 years of Corporate Banking skills to a short nap & meanwhile awaken her creative hemisphere to pursue the childhood passion in writing & other hobbies of travelling, photography, reading & also explore her culinary skills. This is her maiden attempt at book writing and she thanks Blogchatter for all the inspiration and revving up!

Her social handles are:-

Twitter: @ellora280




Plot Summary

The book is a terrific, succulent piece of poetry written with golden threads of dreams, memories, thoughtful verses that vibe with your inner self. Whether it is a wind chime, laptop, mobile, or the knapsack, they all are the major characters in the book playing their lead role effervescently. The roses, trees, scribbles, blotches are all telling their tales of innate desires, coming effectively to the reader through Ellora’s scribbles.


My Review – The Review Section

The cover and the title of the book are a match made in heaven. Her dots and streak have etched an irrevocable mark in our hearts and minds that will allure us for a long time! The Typesetting, Cover Design & Images are Ellora’s own creation, that are the icing on the cake and adds the personal touch. The reader will be intrigued by it for a quick pick up and blurb check.

Poetry told through inanimate objects injects life into words, making reading a luscious moment of desire.

40 poems brimming with life, hope, emotions, sunshine, memories, interplay of truth and desires, reality and fantasies will satiate your appetite for soulful poetry. Ellora’s writing style is intriguing and engaging which hooks the reader deep into the core of the poem. My favorite poems are: – “Life as we know it”, “Walk in the woods” and “What’s there in Roses?“

I was elated to read and re-read them to gauge in the essences in full and quench my spirits.

“Life as we know it”, has interplay monologues of a bird, tree and a lamp post. This exemplary piece is just another take on the idiom “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Who would have thought, that such verses magnifying the spirited thoughts of a lamp post could be written with such panache.

My favorite lines from the book are from” Walk in the woods”: –

Dreaming of the sky wide

And with hope tagging beside

Embark on your journey further

Walking deep into the obscure

For life is what it is called

And life it will always be

Keep walking o’ traveler

Till you reach that very point

When you can walk no more

And will turn once again to look behind

The day that you will find

That it was not the path

That was yours

But the memories afterall

That were your very own and all

Also another one that echoed with me is from” The Nightingale’s song: –

It’s fellow birds couldn’t help but ask
And to what avail was your singing anyway
Why did you even bother to take up that task
The nightingale smiled and answered
Because it wasn’t in them that I was looking for my worth
For in others if I look for my worth it will always waver
As my value… is what only I can seek in myself…but none else on earth

Final Verdict and Hits and Misses

I fell in love with the book and it lingered on for a while. The writing is exemplary and will enchant poetry lovers to the core. It is a treat for poetry reading and provokes you for introspection.

The only downside I felt was regarding the images. Though they are Ellora’s own creatives and an integral part of the writing collection but, a little more brightness could have added to the charm further.

But overall, it is a winner! I was enlightened after the read and wanted to stay hydrated in that moment of delight.


“A must have” on the bookshelf of any poetry connoisseur. Its like wine, it grows on you slowly and tastefully; intoxicates you, leaving you asking for more!


Here’s the download link for the book – Dots & Streaks –

PS:- you can also download my nature poetry book – Blossoms and Foliages –



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