The Crown awaits- dance#Writephoto

The crown awaits its ruler Rocks standing as knights Stoned in time Safeguarding the empty kingdom Against enemies, revolt or rebellion Bound by oaths and pledges of sovereignty and unity. The crown awaits earnestly The sun has dwindled, simmering its glory Waiting for it’s patronizing king The green path forlorn, forgotten Waiting in despondency ForContinue reading “The Crown awaits- dance#Writephoto”

I’m fire within-Eugi’s weekly prompt- Sunshine

This morning When I wore the sunshine tiara The glory reached inside me Making me realize That I’m fire within! The sunshine is glowing inside me I’m Like an enlightened firefly! I found my wandering milestones I achieved them like stars shining All the hiccups melted away My pathways lit up vivid!! I drank upContinue reading “I’m fire within-Eugi’s weekly prompt- Sunshine”


Image credit: Pixabay- Zhugher( For visually challenged reader, the photo shows a man, on a pier, in a carefree swinging movement. A body of water is visible in the background) “Im Walking, mersmerised thinking about her Heart beating in cadence with my dreams The anticipation of meeting her today The joy sparkling through my eyesContinue reading “Mesmerized#whatdoyousee”

Be safe, be sassy!

The mask you’re donning isn’t just a protective gear anymore, it’s the newbie fashion accessory on the block. And mind you ladies, this fad isn’t going anywhere too soon, it’s staying here in style and sizzle. The pandemic has brought us all under the common distress umbrella where mask is the first safety equipment, mandatoryContinue reading “Be safe, be sassy!”