Strong vs Meek#whatdoyousee

Image credit- Pixabay-Thommas

( For visually challenged reader, the picture shows a stormy sea with an old ship battling the winds. There is a full moon peeking through the clouds)

The battle of strong Vs meek

It’s the story of storm and the ship

It was a dark night

Waves came crashing mild

A small timid sailing ship

Surfaced, Looking for companionship

Wandering In the bobbing sea slime

Anxious but determined

The ship shuffled on the waves

Hoping the sea behaves

Trying to reach its destination.

But a wild storm was underway

Looking for an easy prey

To gorge the ship in its claws

Waves widened its ferocious jaws

The ship shivering in peril because

It was meek and didn’t have time to pause.

But the tiny ship was resolute

Bent on, not sinking

It’s courage, deserved a salute

Realizing it was the moment of truth

The tiny ship played its gamble

Choosing courage, it lead by example

It’s Life was on tenterhooks

It dwindled, despondent by looks

Vigorously shaking

But not breaking!!

Ginormous waves crashed

In thunderous darkening splash

Blinding the ship ephemerally

But it stayed there fighting credibly

Against the tide impeccably

Faith and belief, courage and conviction

Saved its life, against the prediction.

Realizing it isn’t going to be easy

To hold further ahead, the storm evaded

retreating with a hurt ego, it strayed

Away and away, till out of sight

The victorious tiny ship proved its might

Once again in the calm sailing seas

It moved briskly towards its destination

In the battle of strong Vs meek

It’s the story of the storm and the ship!!

Written for:- Sadje’s #whatdoyousee


Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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