In the times of Quarantine!

So while we ladies are busy posing for the saree challenge on fb, corona keeps everyone gripped and occupied. Homelocked now, for weeks, the world has found normalcy in this makeshift routine. We’re starting to get cosy in being remote, staying glued to the screen, fingertips working diligently.

We’ve realized that whining will not help, smiling might, coz positivity breeds health and increased immunity.

Who’s corona is it anyway? Well it’s definitely benefiting the nature around us. It’s rejoicing, refurbished, brimming with life! Well retailers are happy too, making hay while corona shines!! Commodities like toilet paper, hand wash, kitchen towel, masks have been presumed treasure troves.

Prices have skyrocketed within days and optimism utilization is the buzz word now.

As weekdays have melted into weekends and the whole family’s always home, it’s always family time, cooking time, studying time and working time, all together. Me as a reluctant housewife is always cribbing, cooking, sauntering and bantering!! But what comforts me is that I’m not alone in this! Everybody’s in the same boat( read home)ready to swim or sink.

US has seen numbers double and triple surpassing China long back. Well this country exceeds in everything it does;) and everyone’s hyperventilating here( well, literally)! As warmer weather approaches, people are crowding parks, walking with a handsome 6 feet distance apart but Masked and hesitant. This is renewed normalcy!!

Well once corona recedes( that is, if it does at all), and we’re back to basics, we all will prance out of our nests in haste to experience social happiness!! Crowds will feel like picnic and once again sneezes will be greeted with smiling “ bless you” and not “$&@$ You”!! Rampages will be welcomed and gatherings will be greeted( praise hands emoji 🙌🏻)!!

But what about lives lost, declining economics, fading jobs and incoming bouts of recession!! Hmmmm…food for some thought here!!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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