The Virus that United us!!

The world is terribly ill, on a ventilator gasping for breath or maybe we all are on an airplane stuck in a airgap facing major turbulence. Everyone’s keeping their faith intact and fingers crossed for a safe landing. Well, surely these are times of anxiety when COVID 19 has spread its malicious wings over us and lakhs are succumbing to the infection. Never before such a calamity knocked with this magnitude and morbidity. Life is on tenterhooks where we all are homelocked, managing with limited supplies and scared emotions!! Thank goodness there’s virtual connectivity on high speed internet, which has shrinked the world into our smart devices.

We’re connected like never before and that does sedate the pain to a larger extent. This virus thingy spread like ether, irrespective of geography, caste, creed or color. It hit like pandemic affecting every class and pocket and ironically any buying power couldn’t ensure an immunity against this malice. It’s contagious like hell and treacherous like a sharp enemy. It has spiraling gatecrashed our lives but United us unconditionally!!

What days we are in!! The databases of terminally ill patients are exponentially increasing each day around us and we’re following updates like geeks to ensure that we are on top of things and not otherwise.

It’s creeping up it’s spidey legs and we’re watching it, holding fancy repellants, trying to fool the menace but ironically fooling ourselves. In this crisis, prevention is the only weapon we have that can immune us. Ironically the great scientific and medical advancement have failed to soothe us with any permeable solutions but the virus found ways to advance and set complex mutations against us. It’s like A pythagorus theorem hard to crack!!

Scientists are claiming that it’s still nascent stages of the epidemic and the worst is yet to come. In such critical moments, it’s earnestly important to brace ourselves and pray for those ill and affected.

Governments everywhere have emphasized the importance of social distancing to break the vicious chain of infection. As dutiful citizens we must accept the moral obligations to comply and act as one family one world to protect each other.

After all we are all gregarious and complete each other. We can’t stay in oblivion or isolation for long, that ain’t working!! Let’s hope this peril ends sooner than later and we’re saved from being doomed. Let’s stay clean, sanitized, sane,online, calm, grateful and United disregarding differences for today tomorrow and always and hopefully wouldn’t ever need a virus to remind us that!!

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  1. Athira says:

    Nice write ups !

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    1. daisybala says:

      Thank you ☺️

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