Attraction- Eugi’s weekly prompt# Elegance

Your Weekly Prompt – Elegance – March 23, 2020.

I saw her at a party. I was coming from behind when her soft giggles caught my attention. Her velvety tone and articulation were attractive. I wanted to stop to listen but didn’t want to look weird, hence moved on. I tried sticking to my herd and engage in the elaborate culinary delights but kept looking for her. The corner of my eye and the hopeless romantic heart wouldn’t listen.

She was elegance personified. Must be in her mid 20’s, beautifully draped in a chiffon saree with low back cut sleeveless blouse. Her slim figure accentuated through her dressing, made her chic smart and gorgeous. The fresh water pearl necklace and earrings, shone brightly, peeking sometimes to please.Her tall slender height was appealing. Her lush black mane, were left open that would occasionally fall like fringes on her alluring face. Makeup wasn’t much that looked even more elegant and natural.

I was intellectually, emotionally, physically, sexually attracted at the moment. Trying not to act desperate, controlling my desires, my mumbling mind and floundering heart , I tried gathering courage to walk up and strike a conversation.

Never before I had felt so excited, attracted, weak in knees and appalled with emotions. With flushed confidence and dogged determination, I tried to take the first few steps towards her. She was still deeply engaged in a conversation with someone. Her perfume blinded me for a second. The aura was intoxicating. She shifted her focus towards me. My bachelor heart skipped a beat. With dry patched throat, I smiled and waved a hello at her. She was enlightened enough to reply back. Coming closer, She looked more glamorous. I extended my right arm for the formal shake but before I could present myself, she introduced me to her HUSBAND!! What!!

All hell broke loose and my heart crashed suddenly. I tried hiding my displeasure and walked away after a small formal chat. Immediately the place started looking sullen and grim.

I wanted to make a quick exit but the bar looked welcoming and friendly. So I halted for a remedy, to assuage some pain.That night at the party, I drank an extra peg cheering for my loneliness and hopelessly romantic heart!!

Written for:- Eugi’s weekly prompt :- Elegance

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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