The doomed film set#whatdoyousee

Image credit; Kellepics- Pixabay

For the Visually challenged readers, the picture shows a woman dressed as a warrior standing on a rock and next to her is a giant mask. One of the eye socket of which is half broken.

Does this picture inspire you to write something?

The highest grossing Bollywood movie ever, was being made and it was no easy feat to pull it off. Humongous amount of money had been invested on the film sets and even the song sequences were costlier than entire movies being made in the current era!!

For one of the songs, a whooping amount was invested for an indoor film set, where the entire song was supposed to be picturised. The set was being marveled upon for its sheer size, design and accuracy. Giant ceramic and glass masks floated in cloud background and intricate Belgium glass and exclusive photograph lighting was used for special effects!!

Everything was handpicked for the intricately designed set which took 2 years to be made. The shoot was scheduled for next day after all the preparations.

The beautiful set design could leave anyone gasping for its grandeur and magnificence!!

But that night suddenly, the set caught fire and everything burned down to ashes! Few crew members were also injured in the mishap.

Police and fire department actively rushed to the rescue but the set was gutted in fire.

The reports were submitted later for enquiring the reason for the mishap and loss but the money and precious lives were lost forever!!

The song never got picturised and never made a place in the movie!

Some said a short circuit sparked the fire! Some said it was sabotaged!!

said the fire broke out following an electric blast.

Written for:- Sadje’s #whatdoyousee

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