Oo womaiya😊🤘🏻

I am eternally beautiful but I’m not obsessive about it, not boastful either. Like every other woman, I have hundreds of desires, few realistic too. I want everything in ratios and proportions to explore, every day I am hopeful to the future. But I’m contented too, my gratitude overwhelms me.my invasive thoughts struggle like mayhem but alas my peace wins. I find peace in sobriety. You don’t need many things to be ecstatic. I am blessed, to reproduce, hone and lead by example, surreal, grounded yet whimsical, pervasive yet seasonal. I am powerful with invisible tiaras and magic wand that can simplify.

My emotional quotients run high like complicated networks but the head and heart work together like a formidable combo. I can be bewitching and blissful simultaneously, resonate like euphony. I sow relations like twigs-introspect and intervene, empathize and experience because I spearhead a family. My values replenish my home. I might be scared many a times but my faith reassures me.Im too pure to be diluted, unique like a snowflake. My aura is like basil- aromatic and vivacious. I am ambitious and ambidextrous.

I am a woman and I agree, it’s not easy to be one.

Happy Women’s day ladies!! Take a bow!!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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