PC- Sue Vincent
For visually challenged writers, the image shows a peaceful and still pond, surrounded by green, with sheep grazing in the field beyond. The sky is blue and the branches of the trees are just beginning to show their leaves…

Here’s my take on the prompt:-

A Bollywood movie was being shot at the picturesque locals of England, by the countryside and the set was put near a pond with sheep grazing in the field beyond. The golden sun rays made it an ideal day for shooting a romantic scene and a lyrical chartbuster song. The actress was an A grade famous performer but a bimbo known for her bratty behavior. The fame and grandeur of movies had gotten to her head.

Actress: ( furiously) what’s this ? Where’s the director?

Director: ( submissively) yes madam! What’s the matter?

Actress: I only agreed to act in the movie because my terms and conditions were accepted. But I see here, that everything’s a mess( speaking gibberish)!!

Actress: ( commandingly) I already told I will only work with A listers and no love making scenes please!

Director: ( clearing throat,nervously, desperate) But Madam all these things have already been cleared in the contract that you signed. Now why are you making a hullabaloo about everything. We are spending lakhs of rupees on this shooting set everyday and the production cost is very high. We need to finish shooting this song today itself before the sun sets. With great difficulty we have got everything arranged, please let’s start shooting now! ( blaring loudly on the loudspeaker) Roll camera!

Actress: ( aggrieved) No, I also mentioned I want my favorite photographer, my special vanity van, A class makeup man and spot boys!

Director: ( displeased but pleading) That would be too much cost for the production team! Yikes! Please I request you, lemme start the shooting, come on the floor, don’t delay further!

Actress: ( throwing gargantuan tantrum)Also I had mentioned that my assistances should also be given first class tickets along with me when flying and not economy class!!

Actress:( filing her nails while sipping coconut water) you know that I’m a celebrity and one of the highest paid actress, right?

Director: ( fed up) yes madam, I knew that you had your own set of dilemmas and pet peeves but didn’t know that your tantrums will be so ridiculously costly to us!!

Actress: ( furiously) I’m very mad at this insulting irresponsible behavior and you and your whole crew must apologize right now or else I will walk away, leaving everything!!

Director: ( amused, laughing madly!) oh no madam! Why will you take so much effort! Let me do the honors ( taking a bow) – ( blaring loudly on the loudspeaker) everyone packup!!

( Calling) Assistant!! Replace the actress!!

Written for:- Thursday photo prompt : Still#Writephoto

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