PC – Sue Vincent

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a line of leaf-bare trees outlined against a pall of white smoke, brightly lit from within. The shape made by the smoke looks rather like the head of a mythical beast…

Here’s my take on the prompt:-

They had come to their honeymoon to this exquisite hill station enveloped in January chill and pink romantic scent. Their rented cottage stood just outside the forest overlooking the landscape.

Initial few nights were exciting and fun in the valley where they shopped around in afternoons and froze in each other’s arms by evening to comfort love and enjoy moments of nuptial bliss.

However in the later days,the girl realized awkward happenings around the cottage. The inexplicable falling of things in daylight and someone calling to her at night.She heard someone whispering her name close up, and the voice coming from the forest. Slowly , the voices increased to screaming and strangely only she could hear them and nobody else.

That night,deciding and fostering courage, she sneaked out after her husband slept,to enquire about the pestering whispers and screams.

The forest outside was dark, luscious thick and misty. The nasty smog and dappled moonlight mystified the night.

The lean naked branches silhouetted against the chill and darkness stood still while she crushed dried leaves under her scurried footsteps, shivering in fear and cold. As she was making her way further inside the darkness, Suddenly the whimpering whisper came knocking at her ears again. Her blood froze.In an ultimate stroke of strength and determination painted with panic, she turned around to look!!

That night she didn’t return back to the cottage and her husband in a frantic mood, filed a missing complaint about her next morning at the nearest police station. The newspaper headlines in the valley that morning read-“”A spirit has woken for some purpose in the forest and it will not stop until that purpose is fulfilled”says the expert in supernatural phenomenon”

Written for:- Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt- Fume#Writephoto

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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