Destination Honeymoon: Choices# Writephoto

The image shows a dawn-kissed landscape with shadowed, snow-covered hills in the distance.

Thank you Sue Vincent for the exciting prompt!!

Here’s my prompt entry- a short story :-

This was her maiden trip to a foreign land. Vibrantly tied in a freshly baked arranged marriage, she had frogleaped at the mere thought of a destination honeymoon with excited jitters.

On travel day,After a sleep marathon in the flight, few cozy sweet nothings with beau and intermittent eating . They landed.

And here she was in nature’s paradise Zurich up close. A destination choice she had made after much consideration.

She was here for her honeymoon and the thought that they auditioned tonight sent cold sweats down her spine. After the usuals, they boarded the taxi to the hotel suite for retirement and rejuvenation.

Already sublime in thought, as she peeked out the windows , they fogged from the warm humidity around. She wiped clean the view to catch a glimpse of the landscape. And lo it was resplendent!


Bewitching beauty! Green manicured valleys, meadows at a stretch. Blossom Savanna’s, spring outpours and snow covered hills at a distance. She was awestruck at the exuberant dash of colors bursting outside the window. The same spirits harmonizing inside her flabbergasting her!

Tonight’s the night!

Another cold sweat ran down!

Written for :- Thursday photo prompt : Choices # Writephoto

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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