Bollywood’s love affair – transition#Writephoto

Photo courtesy:- Sue Vincent

The actress swooned ravishingly in her lacy red chiffon saree with the hero under the artificial rain sprinkles as the Bollywood( Indian movie industry is lovingly called Bollywood)director captured the Best romantic shot in his lenses. Considering the long standing affinity of Indian movies with foreign location shootings, this was a sure shot formula for a box office hit song/ movie.

Europe, was a staple destination for film shootings and somewhere there, in this forlorn countryside, this courtyard inn was apt for a sizzling romantic shot to set the silver screen ablaze.

Location manager and preproduction team chose the cheapest available space that fit the description and necessary features.

The film crew arrived early morning to capture the best shot that the performers, the location and the weather could offer.

From the dark arena, the camera angle of open light, the vivacious garden and the Rustic walls provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic song sequence. The romantically draped chiffon saree fluttered against the dreamy winds as the couple lipsynced the lyrical affair. Overflowing with The upbeat “song and dance peculiarities” and romance, the take was good and The director “okayed”the shot.

The beautiful song was getting created visually too, combed with the chemistry of the lead pair. But the iconic couple and the crew had to hurry up due to a number of costume changes and fluctuating lighting conditions. However after a jam packed shooting schedule, a hit Bollywood number was created in the end which was a visual treat too!

I’ve heard that the melodious song was a chartbuster and hit among cinegoers. And the place became instantly famous for its resplendent virgin beauty and hit among honeymooners these days. The owner of the courtyard inn is happily renting out the place more often to couples when it’s not booked for Bollywood shootings for its iconic landscape.The charges have skyrocketed too!!

Written for:- Thursday photo prompt: transition # Writephoto

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