Sweet Scrapbook recollections!!

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Certainly, life’s happiest moments are subdued in memories. Memories that enchant us, sloping us down the memory lanes through curvaceous paths of joys and lingering happiness. I’ma constant visitor to these by lanes and my recent one was today as I juggled through my old folder of certificates and visa docs. Rampaging through the bulky papers, i found the yellow folder – myself made memoir for my kiddo when he was barely 1.5 years, hopping in the Leamington spa learning centre. I volunteered for a photography crash course there and made this scrap book memoir when I religiously accompanied my child to this Centre once weekly while in United Kingdom. It’s astonishing how memories whirlwind come lashing back to you like a retro movie and invigorate you. I realized while filing and decluttering, I’ve invaded a past memory which surely called for a revisiting. A very sweet memory, cuddled in passions of motherhood and admiration. As I turned through the pages of photographs and captions of and for my child, the waves of overwhelming love and stages of his toddler-ness kept uncovering themselves. His giggles,wanderlust unstoppable energy, quirks, hunkering and messing around in unexpected places, squishing toys, scrambling play dohs and also possessing unlimited hugs and kisses for everybody around (lucky me!).

Indulging in gorgeous indoor and outdoor activities while simultaneously gorging on picnic of sandwiches and button carrots. Me continuously hovering around him in the learning centre while exchanging pleasantries with fellow parents and teachers. This sweet memory retreat loitered over me whole day and I decided to capture it in ink. Surely some wise soul has remarked “one of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood and revisit it once again when you have kids”. I certainly did, and it might sound cheesy or too senti but this random found did some cute heartstring tugging and I will again lookback on these memoirs whenever I want to replay his innocence and cuteness. ( praise hands emoji). His childhood beats and will always be inside me like a second heart. 


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