Walk Relish Rest Repeat

An aeroplane roars past in the bright skyline while some birds usher back home. Its a soothing balmy evening and Im amongst greens in my new neighbourhood. Recently I moved to this place dropping my cares and bringing appetite for new tidings. Its crispy fresh here with the old fashioned  summer air and sunshine.

July 4th was a celebration here with fireworks sizzling the night sky. Its fun freshness and fitness kindling well here in the park lanes of my neighbourhood which offers bouts of blossoms, fireflies and summer greenery.

Fresh crisp breeze entangles you often while you walk the curvaceous paths down the meadows, grove and streams.

Cycling, fishing, skating …take your call and spend a leisure evening unwinding yourself.

I took this pic when the moon came down to say hello to me with the breezy puff. Soon afterwards the fireflies came out dancing tango to the nature beats. You know, there is something special about these tiny messengers, There every light blink says – Believe in magic!

Tomorrow i’m planning to walk the other side of lake to the new woods and pastures.. Its always best to stay close to the nature- it will never fail you! I believe!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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