Happiness is… a trip to India!

anup n me 1

papa n me

Today is the last day of winter… Alexa is telling me that! Looking at the weather chart it’s hard to comprehend … but that’s definitely a reason to rejoice. I want the severe cold weather to whimper away, paving way for the cherry blossoms.

Like a freshly baked Cinnabon, I have recently returned from India and the moments of togetherness still linger large on me. The 40 days trip gripped me hard on emotions, celebrations, shopping, travel, mouthwatering food and stomach indigestion. After staying in US for 3 long starved years, India visit meant happiness, parents, life and vibrancy. Like a catalogue of pure bliss, I included every item in my itinerary that satisfied my whims and fancies of pleasure.

I was in Delhi and I’ve gobbled on street food, muttons, chickens, momos, paani puris, jalebi-rabri, chowmein in every nook and cranny exponentially unhygienic food stalls, rummaged lajpat nagar/CP for bargain shopping, drooled at lip smacking mithais/Bengali delicacies, hopped at road side hasty-tasty food trucks, attended weddings-decking up in ethnic, hopped to relatives and chit chatted along till wee hours.

With rumbling tummies and declining digestion, I’ve gorged more and stuffed more till my appetite screeched for a stop. It was an absolute pleasure to be back home, fuelling everybody’s smile and spirits. Homecomings are meant to be sweet and this one was laced in sugary syrup and garnished with memories.

I’ve come back but amongst the sprawling crowds and staggering traffic, my heart remains, forever!

Thank you home for a splendid tonic stay.




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