From Engagement to Marriage – A short story

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Humari shaadi mein…abhi baaki hain hafte chaar!

Mahine beet gaye…ye din bhi ho jayenge paar!

Sagarika swore by those lyrics from the movie vivaah, especially these days as she was traversing the blissful journey from engagement to marriage. She would very often listen to chartbuster vivaah songs after coming back from her late night shifts at the international BPO, and absorb the sentiments that echoed with her very own. Her beau n fiancée Saahil was equally devoted in the relationship to make it a success. The ring ceremony or Roka had happened last month and the love fever had gripped them both ever since. Rosy eyed about a magical married life and happy matrimony the couple spent sleepless nights chitchatting and nudging lovingly over unlimited calls.

Heavy with preps and buzzing household with relatives and rituals, Sagarika n Saahil leap frogged in the ceremonies as the countdown to the marriage day arrived. The bride n groom decked in their best and looking their loveliest blushed together as the shutterbugs clicked them as celebrities. As the night passed away in the consecutive rituals and the bidaai ceremony arrived, Sagarika grew heavy with emotions. Her lump in the throat stopped her feet and the wetness in her eyes came oozing out. She hugged her family in reverence, thanking them for that each moment of love and care they embraced upon her since childhood.

Though she could anticipate the happiness peeping her way but nothing can beat the sadness of leaving one part of you behind with your family forever. daughters sow those hearts together very strongly and naturally. Semi emotional Saahil enveloped Sagarika’s hand silently calming her and intuitively promising her a happiness forever bond. Sagarika trusted her destiny and holding his hand moved ahead. Sobbing and smiling family bid farewell as her ornamented car raced towards the exit, vanishing in the early morning dewiness.


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