I Love Trains!

Recently with the Thomas train ride in the offing and the train buff that im, I decided to give this ordeal an overdue revival and pen it down.

 train foto

I’m a self proclaimed unofficial rail fan and here’s my slant when I come to think of it.Train and childhood is a match from heaven and  every time hearing a train chugging reminds me of it and specifically of summer holidays to maternal grandmoms and aunts. Currently my home is just adjacent to the railway lines connecting Amtracks and each time I hear an engine whistling and whooshing past, my adrenaline rises and the child inside bubbles up.I tiptoe to catch a glance and many a times have counted the railroad cars attached.


I’ve always found riding into the shaking rails alluring and distinctive. As a kid,it didn’t matter if i’m cramming in a sweltering train for many hours, it was always an adventure about to unfold and the excitement leapfrogged when the first jitters were felt as the train moved.


What mattered was that fight with the sibling to get the window seat and feel the fresh whip of air and the curving glance of the train cars. I guess it came with its own unknown incentives. My befuddled head reminds me of my personal favourite was when it rained and narrow steel track ribbons would be wet, the crunchy ballast and wooden ties would be soaking and gleaming. The train would slow down for the upcoming red signal and the petrichor mixed proportionally with the diesel n the smoke would fill my nostrils.

I’ve always relished the tell tale train Clickety clack symphony as the magnificent scenery bursts outside your window but beware your reaction time is barely a second as this metal chugger rushes past everything.The whole world would fit into those metal smelling windows surpassing trees, empty fields with contouring trees, a water irrigation system, miles of valley meeting puffy clouds,dis oriented  bushes  and weeds, lots of houses, abandoned signal offices, tiny unattended platforms,lazily grazing cattle, small euphoric kids and much more which might inspire you in an unexpected encounter.

Night time window watching would be flushed with fireflies, dark unknown silhouettes and absentmindedly staring at your own hazy image as a reflection on the dark glass.

I always sit back and enjoy the timeless charm and odyssey on a wheel bouncing in rhythm that puts me to sleep like a lullaby.

Sometimes as I blankly stare outside,I meditate while travelling coz I can see as far as possible and when I reach there, I’m able to see further but if my chain of thoughts aren’t leading anywhere, I switch tracks!


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