Summer Adventures!!

bird1.jpgMeet my new neighbor – Mr. Finch. He has recently moved in this summer and is pretty handsome (ahem ahem!!)And attractive (I must say!) in bright yellow attire, acrobatingly greeting everyone.


I was pretty amused when initially he would barge in knocking and greeting unsolicited. Later I got used to his foraging’s. Almost every day he is turning up to ring a casual hi and a tweaking hello. The sunny afternoons are fluttering away watching his swarming habitats bounding with thistles and sunflower seeds.


He is my American goldfinch perching adjacent to my bedroom window on the thistle tree, strictly on a vegan diet. Ever since he has come up close and personal – his twitters and warbles beat cadence in my days. Hope you meet him soon too- Mr. Finch – A flocking feeding feathery delight!!


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