A page from the St Louis diaries

Thanks a million St Louis for having us over the long Memorial Day weekend and hosting us so well. I’m taking back a part of you with me and inking it to express my gratitude. The great road trip from Chicago to Missouri was even more fun with my travel companions comprising friends and family.


Tell me St Louis how in the world did you know exactly what I needed yet never asked you for?

Starting from the perfect scenic walkings,biking trails, greenhouse jewel box with floral displays, art fusioned landscapes, lush extravagant tree contouring’s, historical gateway arch adventurous tram ride to the top, visiting the placid sacred basilica of St Louis to the frizzy Budweiser manufacturing plant, every entry in the itinerary only added more zing to this pulsating trip.


Every attraction lifted my spirits, coaxing my wild side n pampering the girl in me, offering something special in store.

Accept my heartiest congratulations  St Louis- your stainless steel arch besides Mississippi  is phenomenal and the journey to the top was nothing less than spine chilling. I was 630 feet taller defying gravity in this architectural marvel. Hats off to this weekend getaway.


me n hubby.jpg


My interfaith monologue and understanding basked in peace and glory at your renowned cathedral basilica embracing spirituality. Your free entertainment offers at science museum, Budweiser factory and forest park deserves another applaud. The manicured gardenias offered fresh whips n crisp sights. The sunshine brandished the days and dim honeysuckled moonlights silently cushioned my sleeps. I awakened invigorated both the days, wanting to leap frog the sightseeing! Such was your lure n pull.

birds eye view



birds view

We enjoyed comfy bed and breakfast at a fine hotel, munched over your famous delectable thin crust pizza smothered with cheese and also dined on voraciously at Indian cuisine restaurants offering a palette of lip smacking dishes. The visit also paid tribute to our typical Indian eating bonanza habit too – whatever happens, wherever we go, eating too much is a must and comes first!! Lols!!



It’s truly been a pleasure knowing you St Louis. Your chain of remembrances is my quirky souvenir which I shall always cherish and embrace.

Thank you for making so many ordinary moments, extraordinary.

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