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Gerry Spence once quoted”I would rather have a mind opened,by wonder than closed by belief”.

I’m not a trotter, but have had the fortune to travel outside India for good. I’ve stayed in UK and USA and the experience of culture-people transitions have been phenomenal.


The confluence of ideas makes an addictive concoction, which revels you.

I’ve exorbitantly gained experiences meeting localities and engaging in conversations to and fro, much owing to my interactions at my kiddos school. I was amazed at stupendously receptive crowd and non scrutinizing polite gestures. I’ve always had the generic notion that you need to be from the herd to be accepted but now I can gladly claim that it’s not a precursor. I’ve merged into groups, open minded and received reciprocated responses.

Physical boundaries across the world doesn’t transcend lifestyle, insecurities, needs, necessities, whims n fancies,peculiarities and perceptions. It’s a myth that you need to be homegrown to decipher western norms and essentially subdue. A good attitude is acknowledged and reciprocated irrespective of your roots because humanity recognizes goodness ubiquitously. You can mar the cognitive halo effect and venture out. The abyss of a Western culture tag is an extension of our own paradoxes and hypocrisies . Honestly I did feel vulnerable, conspicuous at interim meets but when I decided to take the plunge,my open mindedness not just paid off with gratitude , it made me generous and grounded. The world is your abode and you learn it when you step out and interact with an clear mind and vibrant nerve. You just need to persuade yourself and let go !