Godliness in greenery!

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Cleanliness and godliness have been interchangeably used since time immemorial. Though it can’t be traced to biblical era but Hebrew connections in the past do show off about the emphasis. However the newbie toast of the town is greenery and godliness. The greener the pastures and savannas, the better is the purity of mind, which in turn revels spirituality. Actually the connection is deeper and ripples effect down to our inner food for thought. Greenery is sanctity of mind and soul, the rhythmic progression of body, psyche and attitude. The more we stride abode the nature trail, the better we breathe and visualize. It accentuates the freshness of thought and reinforces health with purity. Nothing beats the oneness of nature and soul and the repercussions that follow. But why just nature, all his creations are pulchritudinous and so are his superpowers, I’m sure they merge within dwindling boundaries unknown to most of us.

Cleanliness breeds health and hygiene. It also propagates the spiritual being of godliness in every aspect of your clean health, body, thought and surroundings. And now eventually greenery is the superlative degree of cleanliness and also a medium to seek wisdom. So plunge into the green wave, soak in the nature, his creations and celebrate the cohesion with you, the ubiquitous god.

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