A Beautiful Island – Daisy Bala

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A Beautiful Island

The milky seagulls screeched high and low saying the forbidden goodbye. The waters didn’t seem to rush anywhere. But I did, to see it all in the moment. The famous Mackinaw city and the Mackinac islands. Bare beauty it was… but essential it was! You understand the bare essentials of life, when you are amidst nature, one with it. The island perched cheerfully in the sunshine waters. Water glugged from sky blue to turquoise green everywhere. We cruised on the Sheplers fastest ferry boats from the fleet departing from the city dock in the north Michigan to reach the abode at the streamers pace. The ferry’s outlet pipe busted out water tailgating it. Wind bloomed and then squashed us on the faces, flowing everything along as we travelled under the Mackinac Bridge. The island was a rustic fairytale locale overlooking the Mackinac straits. It captured the innocence…

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