Faith supper-Go Gaiety goes!


Can we find luck in the melting pot; yeah we can if it is a potluck celebration. All friends gather and lather up a food plan for a sumptuous meal together. An elaborate exemplary menu satisfying the taste buds in abundance. We plan through courses of meal and divide the menu as per the convenience of each. It’s like a social celebration unreasonable and affordable yet satiating. An appetizing contribution revelry for participants-enriching in taste yet lighter on the pocket.


We meet and crackle, cheer and sheer, stuff up and binge till our gastric signals show full belly. Its a way where like minded people reinforce their like mindedness.The novelty drink glasses clutter and shine, the cutlery sparkles like silver ware and the table is set for action. It is a quenching food arrangement but what makes it a supper extraordinaire’ is the idea of a potluck.

We plan to socialize and celebrate till we get a reason, we cook and pour in happiness while stirring the ladle and we serve –n-relish till the chatter lingers- all devoted together. Laughter’s and chutzpah gel well with drinks and starters while inviting discussions lace the main course .Topics brew and stew like curries till they boil to exciting something or are abandoned in an interlude. Plates clatter and ladies gossip, men discuss and children wrangle back and forth in the living space.

Sweet dishes generally mark the finale and we exit on a sweet note while deciding the next lavish spread. It’s the magic of togetherness in cooking and splurging that adds a dash of luck to this ritual. If you are religious about this spree and variety is the spice for you, then it’s time for a top-up with a potluck.

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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