Rise this fall

voluptuous browns and zesty oranges

Who needs flowers when curvaceous leaves of deciduous trees look so tempting? Autumn foliage is here and hues of greens yellows and browns camouflage into burgundy red and purple to complete the color Spectrum. The maples and oaks shed leaves and tens and hundreds of them bracing for the winters. The crispy crunchy fallen leaves overshadow the whole landscape like a beautiful ensemble. A yet another astonishing example of nature mystiques as seasons and vegetation’s interact.

Deciduous dancing away blues

Wrinkled dried copper leaves befriending in vogue crimson red ones till a whisk of fresh puff persuades them to change directions. The gusty winds huff and puff asynchronously nevertheless adding rhythm to the season.  The leaves fall all over without distinguishing…the nature is never biased after all! It’s there on the grass, roads, trails, parking lots, houses and over and above in your minds and not long before sweeping your moods. Dunk in the dollops and bump in the crunch. Scrunch the sounds and dash with the bursting palette of colors. The autumn has spread its paraphernalia before the season hibernates in the snow. Like a seasons connoisseur I rev up myself and rub all anxieties away, u too come…. rise this fall!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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