Rain rain…don;t go away!


grass in rains

I just love the rains..it always starts with a few droplet s pitter patter and then comes the heavy downpour showers wetting everything under it in a flash. The sky goes cloudy and romantic and the thirsty grass soaks it all becoming greener in every gulp. The lavish outpour and eventually the petrichor fills up like perfume and earth seeps in. The ground quenches well wetting the weed grass too. The dandelions bloom and gust …sway and swirl in the weatherly delight. Droplets overflow along the curved edges of leaves and trees, shrubs and savannas. They align like bats upside down and wait with patience to fall from the patio roofs. The wooden rooftops are awakened with the din and bath lazily while the drain water gushes out excitedly exiting the boredom. It sways along the dust and grime that once settled peeking in the corners. It collects in a puddle, brown with the mud, dripping in synchronization with the rains. Dews bejewel the grass blades like miniature diamonds on a princess’s turquoise neckpiece.


Carpenter ants seem hurried too; they go dangling and dancing looking for dryer pastures to escape. Small flies go preening and prancing like havoc in the wind. Water drizzling and drumming everywhere like a symphony of nature. Once the frenzy dies down and sunlight invades again, the cacophony of birds and chirps comes back boomeranging. The humidity envelopes the sky and the moisture can be felt being heavy. The rains have uplifted the dozing day and my spirits too! Atta boy!!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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