Walk! Woods! Wonderfull!!

Have you ever done this..walking to the woods and just being there physically mentally emotionally. The greenery overshadows you voraciously. Maybe it has a level of insanity, purity, inquisitiveness, drowsiness, unkempt secrets and wide stretches alongside. All you can see is tangy yellow zesty green grounded browns and peeking blues. Tall branched out merging in shades; some deep green other pale and scanty. The less dense ones get enough sunlight to look yellowish in the noon and light green at twilight. The grass is unkept and thick with weeds.



The spring weed flowers dandelions bloom disruptively everywhere. The little yellow flowers of the taraxacum genre stand next in line like cousins small and tiny. It’s like a Sunday brunch celebration in the backyard and laughter and giggles fill up noise chords. Four leafed lucky clover carpet the savannas in patches like a torn rug kept on uneven lows. A dandelion flower head composed of many small florets looked like bonsai cauliflower.


Trees of oaks, cherries, figs, parsnips and blackberries grow close and their sweet fruits ripe and decay in abundance daily. It’s a closed canopy of wild flower plants, shrubs, twigs and vines interlocked and whispering in silence. Your footsteps ambushed in tall snappy grass and weeds is the only active noise while distant unfamiliar sounds of birds always plays in the background. The young light green leaves shine hydrated resplendent while the old and dried ones look blemished and wrinkled. The over aged trees collapse down through weak rickety roots and decay looking like a bronze golden fried bunch of shrimps but smell unlike them. Woodlands smell of dingy leaves, sweet sunlight, fruit fructose decays, grass dews and wet mud in bald ground patches.


A typical landscape had an understory of habitats too like weaving bird’s artistically inclined nests hinging through many strong oak branches while caterpillar’s cocoon hiding in a corner. Hummingbird’s foraging and woodpeckers drumming, chameleons camouflaging and butterflies hopping laden with nectar.

Pulchritudinous, bewitching!!

I did this walk and drank with my eyes and thought through my nose and ears…u betcha!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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