There’s nobody you Mother!

I’ve been thinking hard about what I should write on you! Though I’m flooded with adjectives but there isn’t a starting point I can think of. You are passion,persistence,prudence,precious and pure.I guess it’s just like your love mother. It doesn’t have well defined sealed boundaries. It’s like canvas paint, the blue unknown, prayers on a pilgrimage, and the unknown quest of a traveler. You can’t contain it, it just overflows you. If Relationships are like our basis of existence, then this one is the seed which encapsulates it. There isn’t enough in a life that you can do to repay the love and care she has so much in bounty. God could not be everywhere so he made you. Irrespective of me being good or bad…you are always good.

Mothers day

Sometimes you are the knight in shining armor, other times a critique, my confidant, love extravaganza, bonafide supporter world’s best cook and I can go on! But I guess I’m inseparable from you and years might pass till I grow old and toothless and visit a geriatrician but I still will be your candy floss and you will be my avenger in this David vs goliath world, unconditionally. It might sound a Déjà vu but still I love you Mother! Happy Mother’s day!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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