Happy is Happening;)



When I asked my little kiddo…why was he happy, he replied that he was happy coz I was running the vacuum cleaner. Precisely children don’t need a reason to be happy and smiling! They don’t bargain hard to find valid reasons for being happy. Definitely staying happy is a decision that you make for yourself but sticking to it only comes after practice. Shining your pearls faithfully every now and then is a life skill you learn like a curry simmering slowly but steadily. When you rise above the din and adjust yourself in the learning mode, absorb like a sponge and reflect like a sun, then you will start feeling the weightlessness of life. You might not be spikey as a hedgehog or smart as a whip but you will be happy! Problems will avoid you like a moneylender and you will be content and relieved. The sanctity of you face will glow like firefly in night and experiences will spearhead decision making. Happiness promotes prudence and prudence gradually invites optimization! So if I’m happy and strong in oblivion then definitely ignorance is bliss!

Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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