spring in the step

Ill be so happy to know that you are coming….

I will pair my scarlet velvet scarf with deep golden danglers

Put on my lady rose perfume spraying in my black hair too

Heart will recite the spring tunes, colorful like the crimson sky

Decorate the crystal vases with yellow and white daffodils

Heat up the wok for a chicken sausage broth with yellow mustard sauce

I will be on cloud nine smelling of jasmine and roses freshly cut

My kohl eyes will sparkle in the dark like fireflies

And heart flounder like a goldfish in water pond

The gold hoop nose ring is ready to shine again.

My curtains will smell flowery with fresh laundry smell

And bronze metal piece will shine too after a decade of darkness

I will sing and dance like a fawn tinkling my silver anklets

My red golden beads necklace in alternate pattern will match the polka dress

I will pick my pea pods and cook up the slurry green veggie soup

While danglers in the ears refuse to stop wangling

This will go on..till you come!!



Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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