Believe in your belief!

Life isn’t a predictable symphony always and many a times situations can make you languish and miserable. Don’t be surprised if sometimes you are questioning your own integrity and existence. We all live in a world of possibilities and it’s easy to become a victim of own circumstances. We can slip down and our fears can take the better of us but it is important to have faith. In good times, in your potential and in yourself. Be dedicated to your goodness and the belief in yourself of being righteous, pure and good.

Times can fluctuate like voltages high and low but we should be like rubber bands with high elasticity which can bounce back to its originality once the stress and strain collapses.

In this whimsical world where the timid stands a meek chance of adulation, there might not always be a shoulder to rely on or a hand to hold in the cold. Your belief will sail you through the rough patchy weathers. The gratitude towards life and the honesty towards yourself will draw you back in the game. Where there is goodness, there is magic which works in your favor. It’s easy to get distracted like a lost leaf when you are not acknowledged or alone in a crowd of happy faces.


Don’t get intimidated by others and their success. Even Obama must be having millions of problems and he is too searching continuously. There is a limited space at top and you can’t rest on the past laurels anytime. Your Facebook friends’ update tells you their happily ticking moments but it doesn’t discloses what actually happened before and after that. Follow and learn great people but don’t sulk.Precisely, be happy content and shine like a star because if you believe, you are.

So next time, if you feel alone in distress, brace yourself with the inner powerful you, thank life and your experiences for making you richer and get going.

And believe me… are special too!


Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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