What’s in your plate?

Some wise soul has remarked that food is the spice of life. Someone else has quoted that variety is the spice of life. I believe in both but more than that I believe in spices. Enchanting spices, colorful aromatic herbs and seasonings that make the food what it is!

Colorful hues that taste good too!
Colorful hues that taste good too!

Forget food..life would be so insipid without them. Sizzling chillies,pepper balls, zesty cinnamons, shining star anise, zingy aromatic saffron, the healing turmeric , cloves cumin’s and caroms, the juicy ginger sticks, the invincible cardamoms all are just a few to mention. Spices rave up our plate and taste buds both. Fresh fragrant spices either coarsely ground or wholesome are the nature’s offering as tempering in a plain boiling broth of life. Your food bowl wouldn’t look so tempting and colorful either without them because we all eat with our eyes first!

Jive and dig in.What a offering it is to relish these spices with our fav foods and make our platter a treat. Apart from tingling our taste buds, these also have therapeutic properties that can cure a range of ailments and allergies. Now that’s called a formidable combination. So go on and pamper your royal senses with these treasuries spices …. After all what is life without a little zing and zest!

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I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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